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Interview with Brien Foerster — Unravelling the Genetics of Elongated Skulls

Special thanks to ReeNee Cummins for this link. You Tube Description: In this revealing interview, Brien Foerster sheds lights on DNA testing undertaken on one of the Paracas elongated skulls. More than 300 of these elongated skulls have already been … read more



Review: God’s Message to the World

God’s Message to the World: You’ve Got Me All Wrong By Neale Donald Walsch Paperback: 240 pages Publisher: Rainbow Ridge Books ISBN-10: 1937907309 ISBN-13: 978-1937907303   About the Author NEALE DONALD WALSCH is the author of nine books in the … read more

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 This palm print epitomizes all that is wrong with the diet and eating habits of its owner. So how can we arrive at what is correct for him to eat? Just as the facial features will tell of the ancestral … read more


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Nita Kumari and Troy Parkins: Personal Empowerment 1:00 PM

Today Jean Maurie and Maggie Lukowski are excited to welcome Nita Kumari and Troy Parkins. Nita and Troy will be talking about the relevance of digital marketing in the New Age. Nita is an intuitive, since early childhood. She is … read more

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Accepting Feature Articles

Accepting Feature Articles- for the website and future digital magazine editions.  Here are a few topics that we would like to explore through your expertise.  Writing for Attune Magazine is a great way to share knowledge and network with like … read more