The Book of Thoth – Secret Teachings

Egypt – The Book of Thoth – Secret Teachings Documentary Book of Thoth is a name given to many ancient Egyptian texts supposed to have been written by Thoth, the Egyptian god of writing and knowledge. They include a text … read more


5 – Tips For Interacting With, “Non-Awakening People” – (For Empaths)

Published on Nov 13, 2016 Being an intuitive empath can be wonderful! It can also pose a challenge as you interact with others in your life who are NOT…. empathic to the degree you are. This is neither good or … read more



Angel Reading Cards:

Another beautiful deck from U.S. Games Angel Reading Cards: U.S. Games by Debbie Malone Amalia I. Chitulescu Card 24 Angel of Harmony Harmony and balance are part of my natural state of mind. The Angel Reading Cards come in a … read more